Viewing Grant Proposal: Fresh Coast Climate Solutions Manufacturing Electrification Feasibility Planning Study

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2/27/2023 11:17:07 AM
I support this project. The stated goal of the EIED grant program is to develop low carbon energy infrastructure, and the MI Healthy Climate Plan calls for Michigan to reach carbon neutrality by 2050, with a prioritization on actions that will provide the most rapid gains in GHG reductions. But achieving these goals can be difficult to implement, especially as companies resist change and need to see the business case of actions before making change. Seeing as Michigan is dominated by manufacturing, a proposal like this could help us dramatically reduce our emissions as we spur change through the industry by developing case studies to further push industry forward. Therefore, funds from this grant should go towards projects like this one. Through this project, manufacturers will be able to significantly reduce their carbon emissions through a variety of changes. This is something greatly needed in the state, and will also help others as they develop case studies for what they can do to improve their own operations. This is perfectly in line with the stated goal of the EIED grant program, and thus should strongly be considered for funding as Michigan leads the country into this next era of manufacturing.
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2/27/2023 12:05:14 PM
I support this project. It contributes to the stated goal of the EIED grant program, and would also move the state toward carbon neutrality, as called for in the MI Healthy Climate Plan.
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2/27/2023 1:01:50 PM
The sectors addressed in this project are difficult to tackle, and this analysis would be beneficial to the entire state. I strongly support this proposal.
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2/27/2023 2:52:01 PM
I am in support of this proposal. Creating an electrification pathway for the manufacturing sector in Michigan aligns extremely well with the stated goal of the EIED grant program to develop low-carbon infrastructure. Therefore, this project should be strongly considered for funding.
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2/27/2023 3:21:57 PM
In general, we are supportive of this project because it will create a roadmap for decarbonizing manufacturing facilities and this roadmap will likely provide important lessons learned for other manufacturing facilities in the state.
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